O´Donnell’s mission is to improve its client’s competitiveness by providing:

  • Exceptional Customer Service.
  • Strategic Locations.
  • Quality Industrial Developments.
  • Experienced and Reliable Management.

Competitive +


Create superior value and evolve faster than the competition. The added value we offer is based on:

  • Our competitive advantage
  • Innovation
  • Excellence is freedom


  • Innovation
  • Reliability
  • Capability
  • Teamwork
  • Ethics



O'Donnell starts operations in Mexico with John David O’Donnell Dwyer as President and CEO.


O'Donnell and a group of private investors sign a JV to develop the Parque Industrial O'Donnell Aeropuerto, Querétaro alluring its first client Johnson Controls. O'Donnell acquires 14 hectares with private equity


O'Donnell signs a program with Prudential Real Estate Investors representing PREI´s first co-investment in Latin America
O'Donnell develops 344,206 square feet of a Build-to-suit for Mattel.


O'Donnell acquires 177 hectares of land in industrial areas in Cuautitlán and starts the development of a master-planned industrial park of 3 million square feet named O'Donnell Centro Logistico (OCPL) alluring clients like Hellmann


O'Donnell develops 1.1 million sq ft of a Build-to-suit for Kuehne + Nagel in OCPL.


PREI assigns O’Donnell the Brasa and Bermudez portfolio management, equivalent to 3.8 million square feet plus two land reserves, including clients like Harman


PREI assigns O'Donnell the IGS portfolio management, equivalent to 1.2 millions of square feet including a land reservation which includes clients such as Victory Packaging


O'Donnell contributes its portfolio to the Mexican REIT PREI, Terrafina, which closes successfully with USD 665 million market cap.
O'Donnell manages 65% of the REIT´s properties


O'Donnell is selected by Audi to develop their just-in-sequence, Build-to-suit supplier park in San Jose, Chiapas, Puebla, of 4 buildings and a intermodal center, totaling 1.9 million square feet


O’Donnell signs a co investment with AIG to acquire and develop a speculative industrial park with an area of 1.5 million square feet in three phases in Cuautitlán Izcalli, Mexico State


O’Donnell Capital Management Completes Placement of its MXN 2,000 million (c. US$ 100 million) Development Capital Certificate (“CKD”) on the Mexican Stock Exchange to Develop Industrial Logistics in Major Markets.

Historical Geographical Presence

O’Donnell has developed, acquired and managed 11.3 MM sq ft in 9 markets throughout Mexico, providing its clients with a strategic advantage due to its inventory of available properties; its developable land and, its deep list of clients and supplier contacts that have the potential to create an exchange of business and services to mutually enhance their competitiveness.

Clients over the years: