La Laguna

Cuautitlán Izcalli

Project of 3 buildings from 263,123 sq. ft. to 341,283 sq. ft.

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OD 888 "Last Mile"

Gustavo A.Madero, Mexico City

Last mile proyect total area: 413,917 sq. ft

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O´Donnell Tlalpan "ODT"

Tlalpan, Mexico City

OD Tlalpan has a total area of 26,052 m2 for Last mile

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O´Donnell Vallejo

Vallejo, Mexico City

OD Vallejo has a total area of 91,128 m2 for Last Mile.

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Puente Mexico

Cuautitlan Izcalli

Project of 8 industrial buildings with a total of 1,512,345 sq. ft

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